If earthquake happened,firstly,don't panic and calm down.Secondly,find some safe place to stay and don't run in such a hurry.If in the room,one should hide himself/herself under something hard,such as desk,talbe or even bed and keep away from shelf and cupboard,and never take a lift to go downstairs.If in the open air,find an open place and never get close to cars or waterside.Thirdly,because when earthquake happen,there are also lots of other troubles to take place,for example fire.So we should help each other when we meet trouble.At last,no matter how strong the earthquake is,if only we have the belief to defeat it and never give up,we must be able to overcome any difficulties.


       Dear friends

       I'm sorry to hear that an earthquake happened to your home tom. The earthquake destroyed you home tome. Lots of houses fell down and some of you can't see your families any more.

       Please don't feel sad. You should believe in the Party, the government and the people in the country. Your heart should be full of wishes because the Party, the government and the people are with you all the time and they take care of you. They try their best to solve your troubles. They give away their money and many things for you, and they donate blood for you.

       So you should take care of yourselves. In the future, you should do something useful for our country to answer for their loves.


       Hello, everyone. Today I want to give you a lecture about the donation to southeast Asia.

       On December 26th, 2004, a great tsunami attacked southeast Asia. More than 16,000 people died in the terrible disaster, millions of people lost their families and needed help. The people in the disaster area are suffering a loss of wealth, food and even happiness. It’s our duty to give them a hand and deliver them from the flood. Sine the tsunami broke out, the Red Cross Society of China have already gained 0.16 billion donation.

       So if you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, then please donate something that shows your love to the people in the disaster area. People in Southeast Asia may never know your name, but what you have done will change their lives.


       Virtual Earthquake is an interactive Web-based activity designed to introduce you to the concepts of how an earthquake EPICENTER is located and how the RICHTER MAGNITUDE of an earthquake is determined. The Virtual Earthquake program is running on a Web Server at California State University at Los Angeles. You can interact with Virtual Earthquake using either a Netscape or Internet Explorer Web Browser running on Macs or PCs.

       NEW: A completely revised version of Virtual Earthquake can be found HERE. This new applet-based version is more inquiry-based than the original version and contains tools so instructors can assess student learning. Currently it runs only under IE on PCs.


       An earthquake is a shaking of the ground caused by the sudden breaking and shifting of large sections of Earth's rocky outer shell. Earthquakes are among the most powerful events on earth, and their results can be terrifying. A severe earthquake may release energy 10,000 times as great as that of the first atomic bomb. Rock movements during an earthquake can make rivers change their course. Earthquakes can trigger landslides that cause great damage and loss of life. Large earthquakes beneath the ocean can create a series of huge, destructive waves called tsunamis (pronounced tsoo NAH meez) that flood coasts for many miles.


       地震是世界上最严重的自然灾害之一,那么,发生地震时如何逃生?下面一起和我看看地震逃生的 英语 作文 吧。


        The earthquake is very dangerous,so I think everyone should know the escape way.First,you should open the door but you should not run out,it is very dangerous.Next when you find the furnitures are shake you should hide under the firmness furniture for about one minute.Then when you find the earthquake you should close the fire at once.Finally,you should protect you head and keep out of the firmness things.It is very import to konw this things,you must remember.



        Take Action For Earthquake Survival

        Some earthquakes start with a foreshock, which is a little warning before the big one hits. People sleeping may not notice this while others might be awakened by rattling of a door.

        Earthquake survival depends on doing some specific things. It is best to stay in bed unless a heavy light fixture is hanging from the ceiling. Hold on and protect the head with a pillow. In other cases, drop to the ground and get under cover. Find a table or other piece of furniture and hang on until the shaking stops.





        How to Escape form an Earthquake

        I m very lucky that I survived the bad earthquake on May 12 in Wenchuan,but I feel very sad that many of us have been wounded .In order to help other people escape from an earthquake,I d like to tell you something about it.

        Before earthquake happens,hens fly here and there and dogs bark without any reasons.At the same time,you will find frogs and snakes come out of their holes.

        When earthquake happens ,you will find the houses as well as the trees outside are waving for side to side and you will also find you can t stand steadily.So you must come out of you house as quickly as you can and go to the flat floor,but don t stand under the trees or beside any buildings.They any fall and kill you at moment.





       A tornado, hurricane, flood, earthquake or other disaster can tear through our communities in moments destroying homes and businesses, uprooting families and leaving behind a path of destruction and broken dreams.

       Disasters can strike anywhere and anytime. No matter where or when they strike, though, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers stands ready to respond. We can’t prevent disasters, but we can reduce their impact and help people and communities recover more quickly.

       Each year, the Corps responds to numerous Presidential Disaster declarations and state and local emergencies, including manmade and natural disasters.

       Although emergency preparedness, response and recovery are primarily the responsibilities of states and local communities, some disasters are too large for them to handle alone. That’s when the Corps steps in to provide assistance.

       In the wake of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the Corps also has begun to play a critical role in protecting the nation’s homeland security. The Corps emergency management efforts are built on the three R’s: Readiness, Response and Recovery.





       自2001 年,9.11的悲剧之后, 兵团在保卫国土安全方面,承担起重要的角色。兵团应急管理基于三个步凑: 时刻准备、及时响应,善后重建。

       Knowledge to escape the earthquake


       Earthquake damage than fires, floods are much larger, often cause the whole city is paralyzed, earthquake can be the whole city into ruins instantly; therefore, when the earthquake occurred, it is difficult to get immediate relief. Earthquake casualties, is mainly caused by the earthquake and fire caused by the collapse of housing.


       Earthquake prevention


       To avoid the disaster, the most effective way is to rely on their own, to prevent disasters prepared to own strength. General household things with food and water, with a per capita amount is better preserved for 5 days. In addition to prepare some disaster prevention activities, such as disaster prevention turban, flashlight, emergency medicine, candles, semiconductor radio and some escape appliance, such as blankets, portable cooking utensils, such as solid fuel.


       And because the house was not good, people always maximize the use of space (such as tents, rack, shelf). However, since the earthquake, the weight placed on the shelf is very easy to fall down. Therefore, usually placed much more consideration.


       · it is difficult to adapt to the dark, this is not only invisible psychological pressure, also increased. Because of the earthquake and the outage is not strange, dark in my room is also difficult to distinguish the four corners of the world, so the flashlight at any time with me, won't have too much fear.


       And after the earthquake, television relay, telephone impassability, newspaper publication, information sources are completely cut off. At this time, only a small radio can obtain important information Everfount, which can better cope with changing circumstances.


       · when earthquake subsided, first puzzled by the problem of drinking water. This kind of situation, water water is often the case, city in the water is very few, so don't know what time the case of an earthquake, it is necessary to every night before bed emergency drinking water.