2.地震英文作文怎么写 ?60~80词








       Earthquake is one of the most severe natural disasters. It's shaking of the ground caused by the sudden breaking and shifting of large sections of Earth's rocky ourter shell. Its results can be very horrible.

       The Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008 and Japan Earthquake in 2011 are the most severe earthquakes in recent years, causing huge casualties and property losses.

       But earthquakes almost never kill people directly. Many deaths and injuries in earthquaking result from falling objects and the collapse of buildings.





地震英文作文怎么写 ?60~80词



       假如昨天下午全校师生进行了一次地震逃生演练(a practice of escaping from an earthquake)。请展开合理想象,写一篇短文介绍这次演练的.情况。不少于60词。

        提示词:under the desk, cover the head, run out, one after another (一个接一个), walk on the right down the stairs (楼梯), get to (到达)。


        Yesterday morning, our school gave us a practice of escaping from an earthquake. All the teachers and students took part in the activity.

        Before it, our headteacher, Miss Wang, told us the rules for escaping again. It started on time at 8:00 a. m. Miss Wang shouted,“Under your desk!”All the students stayed under the desks with arms covering the heads. Next, she shouted“Group One, go!”… “Group Two, go!”…. My classmates ran out of the classroom one after another. When I was walking on the right down the stairs, Lucy in front of me fell down suddenly. I held her up quickly. All of my classmates got to the playground at 8:01. No one was left.“We only spent one minute.”said Miss Wang happily.

        This activity is popular with both parents and students. We learnt a lot from it.







       1. 地震灾情:四川省汶川县于 5月12日 下午2:28分发生八级强烈地震;截止 5月22日 ,已导致68109人遇难,364552人受伤,许多房屋 和学校被毁,500多万人无家可归,生活十分困难。

       2. 学生需要帮助,学校需要重建;全世界人民都在努力帮助灾区人民,我们也不例外。

       3. 号召学生捐衣服,捐零花钱,义卖(bring-and-buy sale)旧书籍、Mp3等。所有物资和捐款将尽快送往灾区。

       4. 你的感想。 


       Teachers and fellow students,

        As we all know, an 8.0 earthquake broke out at 2:28pm on May 12th in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province.  

        It’s reported that the earthquake was so strong that it has caused 68,109 deaths and 364,552 people were hurt. Many houses and schools were destroyed and more than five million people are living a hard life now. Just imagine how the students there need help and that schools should be built so that students can return to classes soon.

        People all over the world are trying their best to help them, not excepting us. Here Students’ Union calls on everyone to give away your old clothes and pocket money and bring your used books, mp3s or something else to sell in the bring-and-buy sale. All the materials and the money to be collected will be sent to the earthquake stricken areas as soon as possible.

        My fellow friends, “blood is thicker than water”(血浓于水). Please donate your love and give out your hands. We believe miracles(奇迹) can be created, a great many lives will be saved and the harmonious(和谐的) society is sure to be achieved.

       That’s all. Thank you.


       I was doing my homework when the earthquake started last night .I could feel the shaking of the whole building. Some books in my study fell to the floor from the bookcase. At the same time ,I heard a man shouting ,“Earthquake. Earthquake.” I quickly went into my parents’ bedroom and woke them up .And then we went downstairs in a hurry together. Luckily, the earthquake was not strong enough. After the earthquake was over, the building was still there, and everyone in the building was still alive.




       Earthquake is a natural hazard, always threatening the life of people, so everyone is afraid of earthquakes, but do you know how to protect yourself in an earthquake?In the school.


       First, keep calm.


       Second: in the playground, or outdoor, can not move down, to protect the head with your hands, and pay attention to avoid tall buildings or danger.


       Third: don't go back to the classroom.Should be organized to evacuate after the earthquake.


       Fourth: don't jump off a building! Don't stand in the window!





       Since ancient times, earthquakes have been major disasters, resulting in people's livelihood, and it is difficult to prevent them in advance.

       Earthquakes can be divided into sensed earthquakes and non sensed earthquakes. According to the magnitude, generally, damage will be caused if the magnitude is above five. The number of large earthquakes is about 20 times a year.

       On the eve of an earthquake, there are sometimes meteorological precursors such as wind and light before the earthquake, as well as geological phenomena such as rise and fall of groundwater, bubbling and oil slick.

       Animals are "living instruments" for observing earthquake precursors. It has long been recorded that in ancient China, animal behavior was used to predict earthquakes, "chickens and dogs were restless before the earthquake, chickens and dogs flew and dogs jumped..."

       before the earthquake, animals had some abnormal behaviors, such as tigers barking, orangutans making strange hiccups, which indicated his anger and dissatisfaction, Polu would run out of the deer circle, flamingos would rush together, snakes would twist their bodies, etc.

       In contrast, some precious animals are clumsy. For example, the giant panda did not respond to the earthquake. It just stood there blankly, chewing bamboo in its mouth.

       However, compared with animals that can feel the earthquake in advance, people without a cool head are more stupid than pandas. It is reported that some people chose to jump from a building as soon as they had a hot head during the earthquake. They didn't think they could not escape, but lost their lives in vain.

       Now let me tell you some points you should pay attention to when encountering an earthquake!

       Don't shout loudly in public, don't cause panic, protect your head with your hands or objects, don't take the elevator, and it's best to hide under the column; At home, it's best to hide by the bed or bathroom and don't stand under the ceiling. Call the emergency number, stay calm and wait for rescue.

       I have a dream that one day there will be no more earthquakes on the earth.











        A magnitude 8.0 earthquake happened in Wenchuan County of Sichuan Province at 14:28 on May 12th.And it caused damage to the whole China.The quake is the worst earthquake which happened in China since the founding of New China.People in China tried their best to help the victims.They donated money and somthing useful to the quake- hit area.I believe under leadership pf the Party, we Chinese can overe all difficulities and rebuild our home。(在5月12日的14点28分,8.0震级的地震发生在了四川省汶川县它给整个中国带来了灾难。这次地震是新中国成立以来最大的一次地震。中国人民尽最大的努力帮助灾民。他们给灾区捐了钱和一些有用的东西我相信在党中央的领导下,我们中国人一定会克服一切困难,重建我们的家园。)


        地动山摇 - 摧枯拉朽 - 山崩地裂 - 惨不忍睹 - 天灾人祸 - 瞠目结舌 -断壁残墙 -触目惊心-尸横片野

英语作文 场景描写 50字

        My school toilet is old and run down. The toilet seats are all broken and the water flushing system cannot work. As the toilet is also very dirty and *** elly, the students unrinate or shit anywhere and quickly run out. So our school toilet is always filled with shits.


        瞠目结舌 惨不忍睹 断壁残墙 触目惊心 催人泪下

        山崩地裂 地动山摇 天灾人祸 尸横片野 摧枯拉朽


        Our classroom is big and bright.It is a nice and clean classroom. There are three big windows and o doors. The big blackboard is on the front wall. There is a teacher's desk in the front of the classroom. On the teacher's desk, there are some beautiful flowers.

        There are also forty desks and chairs for the students. I like our classroom.




        感动有许多种,对一件事情 的感动,对一句话的感动,对一个微笑的感动……我就被今年的一件大事所感动。



        看到这里,我的泪水已经情不自禁的留了下来。多么感人的故事,多么无私无畏的战士们,他们在 *** 辣的太阳下,在大雨倾盆下,用自己的生命来保证人民群众的安全;多么感人的事迹,多么无私的举动,他们放弃休息,为受灾的人们抬起一块块沉重的水泥板,给灾区人民带来了生的希望;多么感人的行动,多么无私的奉献,他们体现了中华儿女坚强不屈,甘于奉献的精神,他们用爱拯救了受灾群众。





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        An old man fell. He broke his right leg. A liitle went up to help him but he did not have the strength to help him to a bench nearby. The little boy asked for help. Nobody came to help him. People walked passed, took a look and walked away. Both the old man and little boy stayed at the aident area, looked helpless......It is a sad world


        The Great Wall of China is a Chinese fortification built from the 5th century BC until the beginning of the 17th century, in order to protect the various dynasties from raids by Hunnic, Mongol, Turkic, and other nomadic tribes ing from areas in modern-day Mongolia and Manchuria. Several walls, also referred to as the Great Wall of China, were built since the 5th century BC, the most famous being the one built beeen 220 BC and 200 BC by the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang; this wall was located much further north than the current wall built during the Ming Dynasty, and little of it remains.

        The Great Wall of China was originally a project of Qin dynasty designed to keep out the nomadic Xiongnu invaders from the north. Some of the wall was built during the Qin, but most of it that we see today was constructed during the Ming dynasty.

        The Great Wall is the world's longest man-made structure, stretching over a formidable 6,352 km (3,948 miles), from Shanhai Pass on the Bohai Sea in the east, at the limit beeen "China proper" and Manchuria (Northeast China), to Lop Nur in the southeastern portion of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region . Along most of its arc, it roughly delineates the border beeen North China and Inner Mongolia.See List of largest buildings in the world

        Great Wall is all the Chinese pride!!!